Increasing self-worth is a very complex and often personal process. As a matter of fact, there are no magic formulas to make you feel you’re a valuable person. This process definitely takes awareness, effort and of course, time to allow the sense of worth to sink in. Since strengthening the sense of self-worth takes action and motivation, you also have to choose and want all of these as your goals prior to making it improve gradually. Dare to love one’s self. This is your journey. Without your support, you will not be able to get to your destination at all. The following are some of the tips to actively strengthen your sense of worth:

1. Know that You Do Have the Control Over Your Future

Try to encourage yourself to concentrate on your desires as well as dreams which are very vital to you. Start by giving yourself the imagination and pretend that you’re living your best life so far. What ideas awaken your gut feelings, intuition, creativity and passion? What makes you feel good, laugh and come to life? Once you have this idea of what your direction or goal is, decide to spend your effort, time and action involved in your pursuits. When you are involved with these things which are essential to you, your self-worth actually improves.

2. Think Positive Thoughts

Start to notice your inner thoughts. Consciously see your thoughts as a separate observer. There’s no need to judge your thoughts, pretend to ignore them or fight them. Instead, bring them all out. Recognize that they exist, speak them aloud, and write them down. In addition to that, it is okay to feel anxious or insecure and still, you love yourself. Also, it is okay to add loving and supportive thoughts you actually want to hear. Furthermore, these thoughts of yours are your responsibility. While you can’t delete negative thoughts in your life, you can still learn to challenge them in order to lessen the effects.

3. You Should be Responsible for Your Own Success

Increasing your sense of worth includes being responsible for success and happiness. In order to obtain this, learn how to be a supporter and a bestfriend. Always tell yourself what a great job you have done. Actively seek out evidences and reasons of your success. Recognize your efforts. On top of that, you also need to learn how to be inspired by your judgements. Praise your triumphs – whether how little they might seem. Sense of worth is basically the overflowing of acceptance and love from within you directed towards yourself. Decide to let yourself feel successful and valuable with every step you make, no matter what the result will be.

4. Express Yourself

Sense of worth is the ability to feel free of yourself. Therefore, it makes sense if your sense of worth is low, you will most likely invest your time experiencing and pretending to be somebody other than who you really are. Nonetheless, you will feel judgmental, and self-critical. It’s also important that you gain more self-confidence through making yourself more comfortable. Having said that, wearing comfortable and attractive clothes like kawaii clothes is also highly advised.